India: internet user distribution by age group 2025 | Statista (2023)

While Indians between 12 and 34 years dominated internet use from 2013 to 2019 with about 65 percent of the total market, this was projected to change by 2025. Between 2019 and 2025, it was estimated that age group 35 years and older would make up 66 percent of internet usage in India.

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Gender and internet

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Among the total internet users in the country, it was found that around 70 percent users were male and only about 30 percent were female users. While this was expected to change to 60 percent male users and 40 percent female users by 2020, it still showed a gender gap of internet accessibility in the south-Asian country. While several factors lead to this digital gender gap, economic and socio-cultural barriers stand out as the most compelling reasons.

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Older Indians part of digitalization

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The median age of India’s population was around 27 years in 2015, echoing the range of the country’s majority internet user base. The estimated shift, however, in the years to come would be the successful efforts towards digitalizing India. If done right, this would propel older adults to adopt and master new media technologies in their daily activities beyond social media and communication, including the use of financial services.

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