SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (2022)

In the famous words of an old man, "It's dangerous to go alone"! Luckily, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you have plenty of companions to choose from. How do they stack up?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is chock full of memorable class stories involving wise Jedi, powerful Sith, mercenaries, heroes, and everything in between. Joining the heroes on these journeys are a whole crew of diverse characters and companions.

However, not all companions are equal; as an update early in the life of the game made it possible to have companions act as any role you needed them to be (tank, DPS, healer), it all comes down to personality. While some are certainly interesting, there are those companions who simply stand head and shoulders above the rest.

In no particular order, here are the best two companions for each class from the original class stories, which means sorry Lana, Senya, and Theron (SPOILERS AHEAD)!

8. Jedi Knight

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (1)

LIght or Dark: The Jedi Knight's companions come from all sides of the Force.

(Video) SWTOR - Best in slot Companions for Healing, DPS, and Tanking. Which one to choose.

Best Companion for Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen

  • A troublemaking human female Jedi Padawan who is placed under your care following your ascension to Jedi Knight
  • As your Padawan early on, you’ll never get enough of her quippy one-liners and a rather spunky attitude for a Jedi
  • Thoroughly fleshed out backstory that involves the Jedi, the Sith, and even ties in other class stories
  • Amazing voice acting done by the lovely Laura Bailey of Critical Role fame
  • One of the best romances of any companions filled with harrowing odds, secrets, and love blossoming across the stars

Second Best Companion for Jedi Knight: Scourge

  • A traitorous (or is he?) male pure-blood Sith acting as the Emperor’s Hand who releases the knight from the Emperor’s control
  • Fascinating backstory filled with intrigue and higher purposes than originally meets the eye
  • Stocky, tall, and foreboding in build, Scourge stands literally head and shoulders above any of your other companions

7. Sith Warrior

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (2)

Slaves or Apprentices: Your best companions for the Sith Warrior lie on different ends of the power balance.

Best Companion for Sith Warrior: Vette

  • A female Twi’lek thief, assassin, and gunslinging escape artist
  • Starting off as your shock-collar wearing slave, you can shape your relationship with Vette early on depending on your mercy or cruelty
  • Happy-go-lucky and quirky dialogue
  • Romance option can be complicated and complex as the former slave comes to love the master
  • Perfect for bringing even the darkest Sith into line and maybe discover some softer aspects of themselves

Second Best Companion for Sith Warrior: Jaesa Willsaam

  • A young human female Jedi Padawan, Jaesa is brought into your story as the objective in your early mission for Darth Baras
  • Introduced to you as you kill her Master, Jaesa’s relationship is one made for Dark side players as you slowly corrupt her and destroy her belief in the Jedi teachings
  • An interesting romantic option that quickly descends in wild passion between a Sith Apprentice and her Master
  • A worthy companion to bring the galaxy beneath your boot and fulfill all of your Dark side power fantasies

6. Jedi Consular

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (3)

(Video) TOP 10 | Best Companions [SWTOR]

Jedi and Hunters: From apprentices to hunters on missions from thier gods, the Consular has all sorts of companions to join them on their jounrey across the galaxy.

Best Companion for Jedi Consular: Nadia Grell

  • A female Sarkhai Force-sensitive and future Jedi Padawan
  • Introduced part way through your journey, Nadia is new to the galaxy and space-faring adventures
  • Her upbeat attitude and constant positive energy is a perfect companion and Padawan to the knowledge-seeking Jedi Consular; wonderful teacher-student motif
  • Romance option is pure-hearted and sweet, far from the complicated stories of more scandalous romances amongst other Force users
  • An ideal companion for Consulars seeking to remember the little people of such a big galaxy

Second Best Companion for Jedi Consular: Qyzen Fess

  • A male Tradoshan hunter on a holy mission from his deity
  • The first companion for the Consular, Qyzen helps break the classic Jedi/Padawan pattern by accompanying you as a sign from his deity, the Scorekeeper
  • While no romance option is available, Qyzen’s loyalty is unshakeable throughout the storyline
  • As a lizard of honor, he is more concerned with the honor and integrity of the hunt, meaning there is some wiggle-room for more gray morals than with a strict light side character

5. Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (4)

Ancient Evils and Fallen Jedi: In their quest for utlimate knowledge, the Sith Inquisitor will take on apprentices, befriend ancient evils, and all sorts who seek out hidden treasures.

Best Companion for Sith Inquisitor: Khem Val

  • An ancient male Dashade warrior
  • The Inquisitor’s first companion, Khem is one of the best companions in-game overall
  • A backstory full of history and intrigue puts him at odds with you as his new master; he constantly makes quips about your strength, power, and authority over him
  • Once he is partially possessed by Darth Zash, hilarity ensues with a Gollum/Smeagol style struggle for control with only the player able to pick the side that prevails
  • A former warrior for an ancient Sith Lord, Khem is perfect for Dark side players who aim to acquire all knowledge to triumph over their enemies

Second Best Companion for Sith Inquisitor: Xalek

  • A male Kaleesh Sith apprentice filled with hate and vengeance
  • The last companion for the Inquisitor, Xalekis an interesting retrospective on the Inquisitor’s journey as a whole; he too is a slave forced into Sith training just as you were
  • You can choose to temper his rage (why though?) or feed his anger and thirst for vengeance to craft the perfect Sith assassin
  • Evil, angry, and always willing to serve with a hint of possible betrayal always laced within his dialogue make him a joy to converse with

4. Trooper

(Video) Based SWTOR Companion Tier List

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (5)

Havoc Squad: As the Trooper, you will piece Havoc Squad back together over the course of a galactic war.

Best Companion for Trooper: Elara Dorne

  • A human female Republic medic
  • One of the Trooper’s middle companions picked up on Taris, Elara quickly becomes one of the most useful companions
  • A defector herself from the Empire, Elara adds some complexity to the themes of honor
  • A loyal companion with a hilariously bureaucratic relationship option add so levity and playfulness to her dialogue
  • For righteous-minded Troopers, Elara Dorne provides a great companion to keep the Trooper on the right side of the law even in the midst of intergalactic war

Second Best Companion for Trooper: M1-4X

  • A male designated Prototype M1-4X Advanced War Droid
  • Peppy in programming and overly patriotic, M1-4X is a joy to bring along throughout the campaign
  • Hilarious dialogue akin to the Liberty Prime from the Fallout series, 4X will keep you in stitches as he continually praises the Republic, liberty, and freedom

3. Bounty Hunter

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (6)

Killer Companions: The Bounty Hunter will see companions join them from all walks of life but who all seek the same things: adventure, coin, and a good fight.

Best Companion for Bounty Hunter: Mako

  • A female cyborg slicer and bounty hunter
  • Your first companion as a bounty hunter, Mako is already a part of your crew from the beginning, making her feel like a natural companion throughout
  • Witty, hilarious, and practical, Mako is well-written and really helps ground the entire bounty hunter storyline
  • With a mind for cybernetics and logic, Mako plays well for players who can tread on both sides of the moral line
  • A genuinely heartfelt relationship option
  • An excellent backstory that only props up Mako as a unique and strong character

Second Best Companion for Bounty Hunter: Torian Cadera

(Video) SWTOR Companions Guide

  • A male human Mandalorian bounty hunter
  • An honorable warrior spirit to play alongside your bounty hunter
  • Perfect for those players looking to play the honorable hunter and warrior
  • Relationship options for female characters provide a storyline for two warriors on their own against the galaxy

2. Smuggler

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (7)

A Motley Crew: From Wookiees to princesses and failed Jedi, the Smuggler will take on a crew fit for any job.

Best Companion for Smuggler: Risha Drayen

  • A female human smuggler, thief, and royal queen
  • An early companion for the Smuggler, she hides a deep backstory and pleasantly deep character
  • The perfect Leia counterpart for your smuggler - bouncing witty and charming dialogue back and forth with your character
  • For male player characters, a sweet and earnest romance option to provide that classic scoundrel/princess romance

Second Best Companion for Smuggler: Languss “Guss” Tuno

  • A male Mon Calamari failed Jedi Padawan
  • Guss is a hilarious character, charming and full of vices, he is unique in the world of Jedi and Star Wars in general
  • Dialogue and quirk is the main reason he stands out from the other Smuggler companions

1. Imperial Agent

SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class (8)

Imperial Entanglements: As the Imperial Agent, you'll put together a team that can track down any target and uncover any secret.

Best Companion for Imperial Agent: Dr. Eckard Lokin

(Video) SWTOR All Heal Companions Ranked

  • A human/Rakghoul hybrid Imperial doctor
  • A mid-level companion, you’ll stick with him for the rest of your playthrough as a loyal “bro-like” companion
  • Mysterious backstory and pragmatic character are perfect for those playing a cold and professional Imperial Agent
  • No romance option which means he’s a perfect platonic partner for any kind of player
  • Literally, a mad scientist who can transform into a Force monster, what’s not to love?

Second Best Companion for Imperial Agent: SCORPIO

  • A female programmed droid of mysterious origins and the final Agent companion
  • Cold, calculating, and mysterious SCORPIO fits in nicely with the overall theme of the Agent storyline
  • Her constant self-improvement programming makes her background all the more mysterious and makes interactions and conversations with her tense, almost like spy versus spy
  • Some decent payoff with her origin in later expansions

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SWTOR Best Companions for Every Class? ›

  1. Imperial Agent.
  2. Smuggler. ...
  3. Bounty Hunter. ...
  4. Trooper. ...
  5. Sith Inquisitor. ...
  6. Jedi Consular. ...
  7. Sith Warrior. Slaves or Apprentices: Your best companions for the Sith Warrior lie on different ends of the power balance. ...
  8. Jedi Knight. LIght or Dark: The Jedi Knight's companions come from all sides of the Force. ...
Jan 20, 2021

Who is the best DPS companion SWTOR? ›

Here are the findings in the OP's words, lightly edited:
  1. Shae Vizla is the highest DPS companion in the game right now, parsing over 10k.
  2. Companions with 2 light sabers parse 8900+ such as Master Ranos, Ashara or Veeroa.
  3. Any companion with 2 blaster Pistols will be excellent for DPS, parsing 8600+.
Jan 1, 2021

Are some companions better than others SWTOR? ›

Certain companions are demonstrably better, or worse, in particular roles. Regardless of what they're "best" at, how well they do in any role depends on their Influence level. If they are high enough, they can put out significant damage or healing, in those roles.

Who is the best companion for a Sith Inquisitor? ›

The healer for the Sith Inquisitor, Drellik can make an invaluable companion for those taking the Assassin tank route.

Do companions matter in swtor? ›

A companion's influence level represents how good they are in battle, and how useful they are in crafting and gathering. If you have a companion with high influence, you might be able to solo fights that were designed for a group, like heroic missions.

What is the best swtor class story? ›

The Best (& Worst) Class Stories in Star Wars: The Old Republic
  1. 1 (Best) Imperial Agent.
  2. 2 (Worst) Bounty Hunter. ...
  3. 3 (Best) Jedi Knight. ...
  4. 4 (Worst) Jedi Consular. ...
  5. 5 (Best) Sith Warrior. ...
  6. 6 (Worst) Sith Inquisitor. ...
  7. 7 (Best) Smuggler. ...
  8. 8 (Worst) Republic Trooper. ...
Jun 25, 2021

Was revan a Sith Warrior or Inquisitor? ›

Revan was a Sith Lord and the namesake of the Sith Eternal army's 3rd Legion.

How do I get Darth Marr as a companion? ›

It's actually really easy to get Darth Marr as a permanent companion since chapters are replayable now. Just select the character you want to have Marr on, open the chapter window, replay chapter one of Fallen Empire until you get him, and exit the chapter. Same method can be used to get permanent Acina.

Do you lose your companions in swtor? ›

You lose all companions because you get captured and only get freed after 5 years. After that your companions slowly return one by one (most of them are still missing).

Can you get Arcann as a companion? ›

If you want to recruit Arcann as your companion, you must spare Senya and let her heal Arcann. Arcann will join you in Chapter 6. Otherwise you can kill off Arcann in Chapter 6.

How do I get Kira back Swtor? ›

You don't get Kira back until after the Onslaught storyline. You can pull a copy out of the companion location terminal in your Odessan base bedroom if you don't want to wait. At lvl 75, the onslaught mission should be in your ship terminal iirc. You have a few more story missions before you get through it tho.

Can you have multiple companions Swtor? ›

One at a time. You will have 5 companions and the ship droid by lvl 50, but only one can be with you at a time. Edit: The top number on the companion window shows how many you can have working on something at a time (missions, crafting, etc). You can only have one out at a time.

Can you romance Ashara as a female? ›

Romance. Ashara can be romanced by the male Sith Inquisitor. She will only progress her courtship status with the player if the player chooses to make the more rational choices (usually light-sided), rather than choosing those of malice and cruelty (dark-sided).

Can you marry Ashara in swtor? ›

Even though she is a Sith Inquisitor's companion, Ashara is still a Jedi and believes in adhering to the Jedi code & edicts of the Jedi Council. Therefore, you will never marry her because the Jedi Council forbids marriages amongst Jedi. This is the same for the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular classess.

What race is Khem Val? ›


What is Max companion influence Swtor? ›

You can only have one companion adventuring with you at a time. You can use a maximum of six companions at once for crew skills. Most likely you can concentrate the really important crew skill tasks on one or two companions. Rank 20 is more than enough for all solo content, even heroic star fortress.

How many companions can I have in swtor? ›

During a player's main storyline, they can obtain up to six companion characters at one time. With the addition of Section X on Belsavis it's now possible for all classes to gain a seventh companion, HK-51, once they reach level 50. Only one can accompany the player off the player's starship.

Can you play Knights of the fallen empire with a friend? ›

You will never be able to “share a story” with a friend in the KotFE storyline – it is a single-player story, and will likely never change. Here's how to at least watch a friend's story and help them between cutscenes.

What is the max level in SWTOR? ›

Characters can be played up to level 60, but there are gameplay and grouping restrictions. Any combination of these restrictions can be lifted through purchases from the in-game Cartel Market, which would automatically upgrade the account to Preferred status.

How long does it take to complete each class story SWTOR? ›

Just the class story (no side missions) is like 30-60 minutes per planet and there are like 10-12 planets (don't remember exactly). Depending on how much free time you have, it will be a few days to a few weeks.

Do you get a Padawan in SWTOR? ›

I was thinking, how come neither Jedi or Sith can take up a Padawan/Apprentice. I know we have companions, but it's not the same. Yes early in the game you shouldn't have a Padawan/Apprentice, but later on or once you hit Legacy, you should be able to take up one if you want.

Who would win Vader vs Revan? ›

So, there you have it: All in all, Revan would beat Vader if you consider their different skills and talents.

What was Revan's Jedi name? ›

It was then, that Revan adopted the title of Darth Revan and Lord of the Sith. Alek, being the weaker of the two, reluctantly adopted the title of apprentice and was given the name Malak by his master. It was while on Malachor V, that Revan hatched a plan to destroy the Mandalorian thread once and for all.

Is Keanu Reeves playing Darth Revan? ›

Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan | Fandom.

Can you save Darth Marr? ›

Yes. Once you get past chapter 1, you can go back into chapter 1, and then just quit out of chapter 1 once you have Marr as a companion, and can then headcannon whatever you would like.

Is Darth Marr human? ›

Darth Marr was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the reconstituted Sith Empire's ruling Dark Council during the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and Galactic War with the Galactic Republic.

Who is Darth Hexid? ›

Darth Hexid was a Zabrak female Sith Lord who lived during the Galactic War. She was a connoisseur of the dark side.

How do I recruit Ashara? ›

The Sith inquisitor has to defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera to get Ashara Zavros as his fourth companion. To defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera, the key is to take them one at a time. For the Sith assassin, once the conversation ends, use force cloak to go into stealth mode immediately.

Can I start Knights of the fallen empire? ›

Go to the triangle on the menu on the top of your screen. Go to chapters and select the one you wish to start. If you purchased the expansion and have your character ready, you can access chapter 1 and begin playing that way.

How do I speak private on Vette? ›

If a companion wants to talk to you, you'll see a speech bubble icon pop up over her portrait. At this point, you'll need to return to either a cantina, your ship, or another "private" area to initiate the conversation.

Can you save both Vette and Torian? ›

If player chooses to save Torian, he survives the battle and appears at the debriefing on Odessen later. If player chooses to save Vette, Torian will be captured by Empress Vaylin, and she will kill him by snapping his neck in front of the player.

Should I shoot down Arcann and Senya? ›

If the player chooses to shoot down their ship, Senya will still escape with Arcann. You will still be able to companion Arcann if you shoot down the ship – just make sure to change your mind and choose to save him in the next major decision.

Is Arcann a Sith? ›

Arcann disobeyed his father's wishes and joined his brother anyway. They fought on many worlds, driving back the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, before finally striking at Korriban. They clashed with the Sith under the command of Darth Atroxa in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

What happens if you flirt with Kira? ›

—Kira might actually fall in love with your character. On your return to the ship, keep talking to Kira and flirt with her. At some point, she will remark that she thought the first kiss was a fluke. Show her that it was not a fluke, and the romance will become supercharged.

Can female Jedi romance Kira? ›

Following the conclusion of the Onslaught expansion, the player can re-commit their romance with Kira. Additionally, if the player is a female Jedi Knight who initially flirts with Kira, she later expresses that she has always been "a little... in love" with the player since their disappearance.

Can you turn Kira to the dark side? ›

Unfortunately not possible. Oh, you're one of those Jedis. The only companion you can turn to the dark side that i know of is Jaesa Willsaam the Sith Warriors companion. You can decide if she's to be light or dark.

Can you change companions Swtor? ›

As stated, push "N" to bring up the crew window. Then you will see your list of companions and on the right side across from each of your companions is a button you can press that summons that companion.

How do you unlock all companions in swtor? ›

You have to acquire the Alliance companions on an individual character basis, there's no way to "unlock" them for other alts. That is - you have to go through KoFE and do the Alliance alerts on each character, to get the companions.

Does Sith Inquisitor get an apprentice? ›

The Inquisitor, now named Lord Kallig, is approached by Darth Thanaton, who explains the importance of Sith tradition and how Zash's ideas flew in the face of that tradition. Thanaton offers to take Kallig as his apprentice and tasks Kallig with entering the tomb of a dead Sith alchemist and acquire his teachings.

How old is Ashara zavros? ›

A twenty-year-old Togruta Padawan, Ashara Zavros descends from a long line of Force users. From an early age, she has aspired to study the Force and become one of the best Jedi the order has to offer.

Can you romance Khem Val? ›

though he is a weapon that can cut both ways. How to start romance: Players can start a romance with Khem Val on Ossus, after the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and before the Onslaught expansion, depending on whether or not they preserved Khem Val's spirit in the original story.

Does Ashara come back in swtor? ›

Ashara Returns

She makes a return in Patch 5.8. The requirements to get the Alliance Alert from Sana-Rae is to have completed Knights of the Eternal Throne story expansion (all 9 chapters) and be a Sith Assassin or Sith Sorcerer.

How do you marry in swtor? ›

In order to persuade a companion to marry you, you have to gain enough affection points to earn the their love, and you pull this off by completing dialogue and quest options that correspond to the companion's ideology.

How do you make Jaesa Willsaam dark side? ›

To turn Jaesa to the dark side requires the player to be Dark I alignment or darker, and choose the dark side options in the “The Padawan Exposed” Sith Warrior quest during Chapter 1.

Should I keep Khem or ZASH? ›

Zash is useful, she has a lot of knowledge and can be a great asset. However, she is also a dangerous threat and this makes me reluctant to even have her around at all, let alone allow her full control of the Dashade. Khem is less useful, but is more loyal and bound by honour to serve me.

What happens if you choose ZASH over Khem? ›

If Zash wins, she will thank the player and swear fealty to her former student; if Khem wins, he will thank his master and reaffirm his loyalty.

What race is Khem Val? ›


How do I choose a companion in swtor? ›

Here's what you need to do: Press “N” on the keyboard or select the “Companions and Contacts” section from the “triangle” menu on the top bar. Select the “Summon” button beside the companion's name for the companion you wish to summon. You don't have to dismiss your current companion to do this.

How do I get Vette as a companion? ›

These companion conversations are unlocked by completing quests within the Sith Warrior storyline, so check your companion on your ship after every planet to see if more companion conversation quests have become available, indicated by a quest marker over your companion's head.

Should I keep Khem or ZASH? ›

Zash is useful, she has a lot of knowledge and can be a great asset. However, she is also a dangerous threat and this makes me reluctant to even have her around at all, let alone allow her full control of the Dashade. Khem is less useful, but is more loyal and bound by honour to serve me.

What happens if you choose ZASH over Khem? ›

If Zash wins, she will thank the player and swear fealty to her former student; if Khem wins, he will thank his master and reaffirm his loyalty.

Can you romance Khem Val? ›

though he is a weapon that can cut both ways. How to start romance: Players can start a romance with Khem Val on Ossus, after the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and before the Onslaught expansion, depending on whether or not they preserved Khem Val's spirit in the original story.

Can you have 2 companions Swtor? ›

One at a time. You will have 5 companions and the ship droid by lvl 50, but only one can be with you at a time. Edit: The top number on the companion window shows how many you can have working on something at a time (missions, crafting, etc). You can only have one out at a time.

How do I keep Darth Marr as a companion? ›

You do this by playing the chapter the companion you want is in as your "story restricted companion" and when the companion is active you simply exit the chapter and VOILA! They are still your active companion.

Can you romance multiple companions in swtor? ›

Nope only one. If you romance two, you are eventually confronted by the two and have to pick.


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