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Eric of Memphis, TN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 29, 2022


The website looks great and it's very user-friendly.
They are the "Amazon" of car dealerships. You can find anything, in any trim level, year model, mileage, etc.
The delivery was smooth and easy and the delivery driver was very professional and friendly.

Aside from a few issues which I've detailed below, the vehicle I purchased was what I saw on the website. However, I think Carvana should definitely add a "Known Issues" section to every vehicle they sell, and really inspect their autos more carefully!


The website is somewhat misleading. On the listing page where you see all of the vehicles, many of them read "Free Shipping," but when you look at the details page it will read "$990 Shipping," or some other amount. It's easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

I initially started to purchase a Dodge crossover. All went well until the delivery day when I received a call from Carvana informing me that my delivery driver called off work that day; but that I could pick my vehicle up from the hub, which would've cost me money to take a rideshare. I later learned that, due to poor management locally, the delivery drivers were understaffed and overworked. Essentially, there were 4 drivers trying to do the work of 12!

After cancelling my initial vehicle I bought a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Overland which looked absolutely gorgeous in the pictures. When it arrived (two hours ahead of schedule, actually) I immediately noticed it was dirty, like it had been driven on a rainy day. I also noticed two spots of lime green paint on the leather driver seat! I can't imagine how it got there, but it definitely was NOT in the pictures on the website.

Dodge/Chrysler has a fairly common problem with their 8.4" Uconnect screens which causes the touchscreen layer to "de-laminate" creating a bubble. It looks like a poorly-installed screen protector but it's the factory screen. My Jeep has this issue but it was not listed anywhere on the website. My touchscreen still functions just fine but this issue can result in the screen being unusable, or even pushing buttons by itself!

During the initial purchase process on the website they required address verification, so I sent my most recent paystub and my lease agreement. At 11pm I received an email saying I had to provide a utility bill for more address verification, and it had to be provided by 4pm the following day or they would no longer hold my vehicle and someone else could buy it. Well, I don't receive utility bills in the mail because I pay everything online, and I couldn't explain it to any Carvana employee because no one works 24/7, and I work 7am to 3:30pm. So I basically had 0 time to sort this out. I raced home after work and sent a picture of a car loan invoice which they accepted, but it was a very annoying and stressful process.

Another problem I've noticed on the website, which I think hurts Carvana more than the consumer, is that the people who write the details about the vehicles aren't very accurate. You can look at two identical vehicles and one might list a VVT engine and the other doesn't; but they both come equipped with the same engine. Another example: the 2019 Jeep Cherokee has LED headlights, running lights and tail lights; but you wouldn't know it from reading Carvana's description. But that was an important feature for me.


What it comes down to is whether I would recommend Carvana to a friend, and I would absolutely; but I would give him a few pointers and things to watch out for.

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Top 675 Carvana Reviews (2)

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Christie of Colorado Springs, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 26, 2022

The last time I purchased a car from a brick-and-mortar dealership, I had to spend my whole day getting the runaround and dealing with fuzzy, shifting numbers while the salesman wore me down-- don't even get me started on the inevitable shakedown from the finance office. I swore back then that the next time I needed a vehicle, I'd find a dealership that'd let me complete the purchase process online. I'd heard of Carvana, but didn't give them any serious consideration until I found THE car I wanted on the Carvana website.

I read about Carvana's 7-day return guarantee and the 100-day warranty. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it at least once.

Scheduling the delivery was a breeze, although it would take a couple of weeks to have the car transported from the opposite side of the USA; unlike buying from an in-person dealership where you drive it right off the lot. That felt like a fair tradeoff because I didn't have to spend an entire day (stretching into an eternity) negotiating with salesmen and finance managers. The delivery charge was shown right on the Carvana vehicle page-- no hidden numbers or surprises there.

When my car arrived, there were a few things that worried me which were not mentioned in the ad or flagged by the Carvana pre-sale inspections. It had an oil leak, scratches on the front bumper, and rotted/cracked tires. I felt my heart drop because I'd paid a fair price for a car in excellent condition, and it arrived with some potentially serious issues. I was already feeling like I'd made a huge mistake.

Just about that time, I logged back into my Carvana account and it was like they'd read my mind! My new-purchase dashboard popped up and Carvana prompted me to let them know right away about any and all concerns. I didn't need to chase them down to hold them accountable-- they initiated contact with me to make sure everything was in the condition I expected. I went over the car with a fine-tooth comb and my phone camera, then made an exhaustive list of any flaws and concerns. Aside from the oil leak, bad tires and bumper scratches, the rest of the car was great. The oil leak could've been something serious, or it could've been just a bad gasket seal. I wouldn't know until a mechanic looked at it.

TIP: try to schedule your car delivery for a Sunday or Monday, so that the area mechanics are open and you can get your car scheduled for diagnostics before the 7-day return period is up! The repair authorizations can take Silver Rock 24-48 hours, so bear that in mind and let your mechanic know about the time constraint involved. You just need to have all the info from the mechanic regarding what's needed so that you CAN send back the car if it turns out that it has showstopper-type issues that can't be repaired. You'll want the reassurance that any issues the mechanic finds will be covered for repair before you make the decision to keep the vehicle. They don't need to actually FIX the car within the 7-day probation period, they just need to acknowledge the issues and authorize the repairs before the period expires.

Carvana sent me their list of Silver Rock authorized mechanics in the area (all top-rated, reputable mechanics), and my local VW dealer was on there. I made an appointment with the dealership's service department, then took in my Beetle. (Silver Rock covers the $175 diagnostic fee for the first hour, and if more time is needed, the mechanic just needs to call Silver Rock to get the authorization before moving ahead-- basically, everything was free for me.)

The service department representative took my list of concerns and looked at all of those issues-- then, THEY added some things that THEY wanted to handle while they had my Bug. The service department sent me the rundown of repairs needed by email (the car needed: a new gasket seal to fix the oil leak, new tires, replacement lug nut covers on a few tires, PLUS an alignment I didn't realize was off). It was really helpful for me that they communicated everything first by email because I'm partially deaf, although I never mentioned that to them. They also called me to answer any questions and to make sure they hadn't missed anything that worried me.

Here's where it gets good, though: after running through the repairs needed with me, the service department representative from the dealership called Silver Rock DIRECTLY to discuss what the car needed. Then, they coordinated with Silver Rock to get EVERYTHING covered under the warranty. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I was expecting to fight tooth and nail to get the car restored to 100%, but I didn't have to do ANYTHING except make that initial list and leave my car with the mechanics. It didn't cost me a penny!

That's how the Silver Rock warranty works-- they have their authorized mechanics that they trust and listen to... and Silver Rock doesn't try to weasel out of repairing anything. They fixed it ALL. Every last thing was covered. My car is basically NEW again... it's a 2017 VW Beetle with very low miles and it zips around like a dream. VW doesn't even make Beetles anymore-- so to have one this perfect, it's amazing!

I would buy from Carvana again in a heartbeat. I was so nervous about this first purchase... it felt like a gamble until I'd been through the entire process and realized how EASY and fair it really is. The process doesn't feel at all like a gamble anymore. Now I know that anything that isn't noted on the vehicle page WILL be fixed, and it's way easier-- I mean WAY, WAY easier-- than buying from a local dealer and negotiating with THEM to fix things they didn't mention. Carvana makes car-buying as low-stress as possible-- and did I mention that I have THE car I wanted (even though they're discontinued by VW), and it's super low-mileage, and everything on it is like-new? Anything that wasn't like-new when it arrived is DEFINITELY like-new now!

I guess the whole point of this review is to say this: check over the car's details on the Carvana listing page. Make notes about ALL of the flaws they mention there-- because anything above or beyond those flaws WILL be fixed by Carvana. They make the whole process painless, and they aren't trying to pull any "fast ones". I guess I've never actually seen any car dealer this transparent or fair... so I wasn't ready for them to be so amazing.

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Chris of Sellersville, PA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: July 24, 2022

First I’d like to say that my son bought his car through Carvana first. He had a wonderful experience so I decided that I’d give it try as well. I started looking for my car that I always wanted, which is a Chevy Camaro Convertible. I found one that was a preorder with no photos. Once the photos were released I had 48 hours to review. I found that there was pitting in the windshield and too many scratches and paint chips so I declined. I then found an even better Camaro Convertible that had only one paint chip listed with no other damage noted in the photos or verbiage.

I had a delivery date that was moved back a few days to a Saturday, which was perfect for my schedule and better than the original date during the work week. The entire process is documented through texts and emails. I thought this was perfect to keep the consumer in the loop at all times. When the car finally arrived, the driver was just amazing. I saw my beautiful Silver Ice Metallic Camaro Convertible being rolled off of the flatbed truck. I have a Quality Assurance background and it’s my job to find defects and opportunities along with what works well. I looked over the vehicle very closely. Remember earlier I said there was one paint chip noted?

Well I found scratches, a medium paint scuff and mark on the front bumper, paint chips on the hood and sides, and some other minor cosmetic issues. This is where I could have three my hands up and said bring it back I don’t want it. Instead I calmly went over the vehicle with the Carvana driver and we both took photos and wrote down the opportunities. He assured me that these thing would be fixed and that I’d receive an email with approvals. After reading horrible reviews I was uncertain I wanted to continue but I did receive a text and email noting my concerns within a day. It was long before I received the approval to have the issues fixed at an approved body shop. I am feeling better about this already but haven’t had the car fixed yet as it’s only been a week since I received the approval for repairs.

The driver noted that the issues more than likely occurred during transit from MO to Philly. This would be an opportunity for Carvan to explore in order to avoid having to pay for preventable repairs. Although there were cosmetic issues with the car I am still way happy with how the process of buying the car, the engagement that is provided for us the customer, and the level of care and concern Carvana has given to me about the car that arrived not as originally and completely listed on the selling site. I will update this review if I have any issues with the fixing of the minor cosmetic issues but overall I am completely satisfied with the high level of engagement that Carvana provided to me. I like companies that truly care about their customers experience. Carvana will be talked about for years to come with my friends and family. Thank you for making this Gulf War Veteran. Very happy by putting him into his dream car!

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Jason of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 21, 2022

Using Carvana was the most carefree, easy, fun, exciting used car buying process that I have ever experienced. I initially was hesitant to shop for cars on their website because their prices were several thousand dollars in most cases higher than what I was seeing on eBay Auto or Auto trader and other similar sites. But as I began to realize how much better Carvana was than these competitors, health thorough and honest their website was or appeared to be, and the set of high standards that cars had to pass or meet in order to be featured by Carvana couples with the fact that they are great at communicating with you throughout the process which most of the sellers that I was dealing with outside of Carvana were not... all of those things together showed me that the higher car price was justified because that expense was helping support an exceptional experience and the assuredness of shopping for a quality car.

And think about it, when you're buying a car so we online all of those things are incredibly important because you want to have trust in the person you're dealing with and you want to be able to clearly see where there's a ding on the car or where there's any kind of damage no matter how small and Carvana makes it very easy to see even to the smallest little scratch. They also provide the Carfax report, they provide a limited warranty and they will give you a 7-day return policy no questions asked to make sure you like your car once you get it.

Additionally, their financing process is so fluid and flexible that you may have picked a car, have approved financing and everything is set except for signing contracts, and you change your mind -- they'll seamlessly switch to your new choice and start pricing it out and giving you new terms --- it's amazing and I felt kind of bad for them because I switched cars three times. But this flexibility allowed me the time and space and support to really find what I wanted before I was stuck in the process of buying it. After you've gone through that process they tell you what document you'll need to provide, like proof of insurance for example, And they'll send you the paperwork by a DocuSign. They communicate with you by text or through their great app which you can download from your App store, and you set up your delivery day.

When I read reviews of Carvana other people said the same glowing things that I've said but a couple of people mentioned that everything was very smooth except the delivery got screwed up, not that it went wrong just that it was late. And that's the only thing that happened with mine as well. I don't know if it's different if you go to a vending machine because I had that option, but in my case my initial delivery date that I had chosen got delayed by about 4 days, and then the day of my delivery it got delayed about 4 hours but it showed up on time in great shape and the driver was super nice. And the best thing of all is that they take care of all your DMV paperwork registration, getting your plates, paying the tax all that for you so you don't have to go see your crazy DMV person. Overall I would highly recommend.

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John of Atascadero, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 3, 2022

I have long hoped for a car purchase process that is transparent and not rushed. Carvana is by far as close to that ideal as I have found so far. They are a young company and, as such there were some bumps along the way. Some folks (my wife, for example) might ding them harder than taking off just one star ... but this whole experience was SO MUCH BETTER than any other car purchase experience I've had, four stars seems right.

The Awesome:
-- EVERY flaw was identified clearly. There were no ugly surprises ... only good surprises in what was delivered.
-- The price was fair for the vehicle purchased.
-- They gave me a great trade-in price on my old Prius.
-- There were no hassles or haggling.
-- The car was immaculate at delivery (floor mats were new I think) with an almost full gas tank.
-- Signing papers at delivery took less than an hour and everything was well explained by the "Advocate" (put in quotes because something about that name seems insincere). That Kiosk Manager (I live too far away from a city for delivery) was the best part of the experience.

-- Gotta love the 7-Day Return policy.

What Needs Work:
-- Better access to human support once a purchase is in process would help. Not all technology is going to work every time, especially new technology. Getting sent to a long Chat Queue when I had upload issues was frustrating.
-- Logistics needs work. The car was in Oklahoma. I'm in California. My first delivery date was set two weeks out. That should be enough time, right? Two days before the first scheduled date I received a text that my delivery date had changed from Tuesday to Friday. Because I had to drive 200 miles to pick up the car, I had to completely change my schedule at the latest minute. On the night before delivery, I received a call from Kiosk Manager that the car only JUST came in (8pm) and asking to deliver later Friday than the 9:30am scheduled time. She was very nice and we did what we could do to make it work... but that should never happen when Carvana is dictating delivery dates and times.

-- The Kiosk was understaffed and having technical issues. Doors wouldn't unlock so the only way to get into the lobby was if someone inside opened the door for you. The Kiosk Manager and one other person were trying to handle everything - preparing cars for (immaculate) delivery, working with customers on their appointments, etc.

I wish I could remember the name of the Kiosk Manager - she made it all work - and that is my point in this review. I'm a consultant in Solutions Support so maybe I'm biased but: Tech companies could really help themselves if they accepted the fact that the human component is critical. There are ways where great people (like the Kiosk Manager) can cement the experience that the technology has enabled. These people need systems, processes and support from corporate (which she felt she had but my sense was she didn't). If Carvana can figure out that softer side to their process, this will be huge.

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Deanna of Chandler, AZ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 28, 2023

As a previous employee, I should have known better. I requested an offer on my Lexus - I entered 18K for the mileage and received an offer. I then adjusted the mileage to 17.5K and the offer lowered by $600. I asked, begged, pleaded for Carvana to honor the original offer. There were no logical explanations offered. One advocate told me because the mileage changed by such a substantial amount - 500 miles less. It was a blessing in disguise. I received two similar offers and one higher offer. If you're selling your car, try **, **, **. All of them matched or increased the offer from Carvana. Carvana has a high employee turnover rate and no real customer retention skills. Many of their decisions lack logic are akin to "because I said so". As a previous employee and potential customer, I urge you to take your business elsewhere.

Carvana response

We are sorry to hear your selling experience wasn't satisfactory. Appraisals are based on: Kelly Blue Book current fair market value, vehicle features, current mileage, and VIN inspection. This helps us determine a fair value for your vehicle. While we do honor your trade value for 7 days, our appraisal is based on the information initially reported; new information may require a new appraisal. Should you like to consider moving forward, please note all Carvana trade values are good for 7 days.

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Top 675 Carvana Reviews (7)

Top 675 Carvana Reviews (8)

Sarah of Rancho Cucamonga, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 25, 2023

I thought to give Carvana a try by purchasing a vehicle completely online back in Sept 2022. Everything went smoothly until I failed to get the license plate by the time the temporary one expired on Dec 18, 2022. Karl from the senior support team has been assigned to handle my case since my first inquiry about the delay. On Dec 22, 2022, he notified me that the paperwork was with the state and I should expect to receive my license plate anytime soon. A month went by and it never arrived. So I went to a nearby DMV field office in an attempt to get a temporary license plate and only to find out that they never received the paperwork from Carvana.

Carvana previously advised me that they sent DMV a FedEx package which showed it having been delivered on Dec 22, 2022. However, a month went by and no one from Carvana bothered to check with DMV to ensure that the "paperwork" had been processed. Because of this oversight by Carvana, I have not been able to get a temporary license plate which enables me to operate my vehicle legally. When I contacted Carvana immediately after my visit with DMV on Jan 19, 2023, I was given another run-around again and was told by another senior manager that Karl, my rep, would call me back the next morning.

Again, no phone call from Karl so I waited until 3pm to make another call. I had to repeat the same story that I told his co-worker the day prior in order to bring him up to speed about the status - letting him know that DMV has not received the "paperwork" from Carvana or the third-party in order to transfer the title of the vehicle to my name. When he was not able to provide an explanation, I let him know that I want my money back so I could use the proceeds to purchase another vehicle for transportation. He agreed and told me that he had initiated the request from the finance department and should have an answer for me next Tuesday (Jan 24, 2023).

When I called him back on Jan 24, 2023, he was on another call, but his co-worker named Stewart let me know this time that my account is "being researched." Does anyone know what this means? Carvana's senior support team does not have a clue either. I can't believe what I have just experienced with Carvana over the past few weeks. This will be my first and last purchase with them. Dealing with the senior support team at Carvana is my worst nightmare!

Carvana response

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Carvana’s goal is to create a stress-free car buying experience and it looks like we missed the mark. We are working very closely with our third-party vendors to process our customers’ registration. Every state has different policies and procedures we must adhere to. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and patience as we work diligently in completing your registration.

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Brian of Ponder, TX Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2023

Carvana sold me a Camry with 10,000 miles that had a very bad alignment and damaged CV. Car was also missing the spare tire and the all weather floor mats that were in the description of the car. I took the car to the mechanic first chance I had and he kept using the words “traumatic” to describe what happened to the alignment and the CV boot. He also used the term “dukes of hazard”.

The alignment was WAY out of spec. They would not cover this work even though I had just picked the car up a couple days before. The alignment and the noise from the CV damage should have been caught on the road test and their “inspection” list says they check the CV. Neither of these were done properly obviously. They did not stand by their product. I have wasted multiple days and many hours dealing with this car. Along with the money spent to pick it up and take it to the mechanic. This Carvana experience has been an absolute nightmare. The way they’ve operated so far I am worried about getting my money back (I paid cash for the vehicle. Now I have a set of all weather floor mats I paid for from the dealer also that I won’t have a car to put them in. Just a huge waste of time and money and stress because of their incompetence and crooked behavior.

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Top 675 Carvana Reviews (10)

Courtney of Newnan, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 19, 2023

I had a great experience working with Carvana. While the offer I got was lower than I would have liked (they have to make money), the process was easy and smooth. The young lady who came to pick up my car was on time, polite, professional, and fast. They had a printed check ready for me. I signed paperwork and was done in 5 minutes. I would use this company again.

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Top 675 Carvana Reviews (11)

Josh of Arlington, TN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 18, 2023

This was our 3rd purchase from Carvana. We decided to use them again because our previous 2 purchases had been flawless with amazing customer service and we loved the no hassle experience. Again the buying process was extremely easy and we had no issues. In the past we have opted for deliveries to our home but this time we opted to pick it up from the car vending site as it was only 10 minutes down the road. Beware - The pick up process is NOTHING like the description.

The customer service here (Memphis) was just awful. We walked into the office area to an empty room and waited about 10 minutes before anyone showed up. The guy who came in was in no way friendly, no apologies for the wait or any greeting at all. He went over the paperwork with my husband is in less than 5 minutes, standing up (even though there was a table and 2 chairs beside them) and then told him the car should be out front and handed him the keys. There was no walk around the vehicle, take it for a test drive, etc. He literally handed us the keys and told us to find the car and put the temp tag on ourselves.

It was possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced when making such an expensive purchase. On top of this, the car itself was not cleaned well on the inside and sticker residue was left on the inside front windshield and exterior back of the car where the license plate is (it also looked like someone tried to cover the residue so it wouldn’t be noticeable so we didn’t see it until we washed the car). I will definitely rethink whether I want to purchase from Carvana again, especially using the Memphis facility.

Carvana response

Thank you for your honest feedback. It saddens us to hear that you encountered some roadblocks during the pick up process which created a less than exceptional experience. At Carvana, we recognize that everyone’s situation is different and apologize if our pick up process lacked timeliness and clear communication. Our goal is to use your feedback to continue to improve our pick up process. We are thankful you took the time to share your personal experience and are happy to see you moved forward with purchasing a Carvana vehicle.

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